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Temple Adjuncts Want a Vote

In Hub Features on February 20, 2015 at 8:56 am

by Paul Dannenfelser

Temple Adjuncts Want a Vote

Adjuncts want a voice, and they want a vote. They want an opportunity to cast their ballots to be represented by a union. An overwhelming number of adjuncts have declared their desire to have a union election. They did this by surpassing the number of signatures required by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board on union authorization cards. They now await an agreement between Temple and the union that seeks to represent the adjuncts. The agreement will outline election procedures, procedures that Temple seems to be in no hurry to establish.

After many adjunct organizing meetings and thousands of conversations over the last two years, we have tremendous support for a union. It is time for the Temple administration to listen to its adjunct instructors. Adjuncts want their important contributions to students to be recognized. They want to be treated fairly and with respect. They want decent wages, job security and good working conditions. They don’t want the administration to delay the vote and waste valuable student resources. If the administration is truly listening to its adjuncts, then it should come to agreement with the union on a fair election process and stop wasting time and money on union-busting lawyers.

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