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Wrapping Up 2014

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The United Academics of Philadelphia (UAP) officially started its work in Philadelphia on November 20th, 2013 with an event in South Philadelphia, signing up its first members.

In the past 13 months, the union has brought together a substantial, growing number of adjuncts as members, creating a peer community than we’ve never had before, one that spans all academic disciplines. Adjuncts now have a place to talk to colleagues, seek resources and support, and share expertise. Contingent voices are speaking and are being heard. UAP members have presented at a national education conference and have been submitting stories, essays, artwork, and more here on the UAP blog. Anna Neighbor, a Philadelphia artist, adjunct, and union activist, went to the White House’s Summit on Working Families to discuss how current labor practices affect families.There are social events and regular union meetings held in the UAP’s Brewerytown office, and there have been two day-long public forums with speakers, panels and workshops to discuss issues. Read the rest of this entry »

Recap of the Fall Adjunct Forum

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Adjunct forum

Karen Schemerhorn tells the story of the founding of Community College of Philadelphia’s adjunct union. In the audience: New Faculty Majority President Maria Maisto, and UAP members Jessica Clark, David Chatfield, Ryan Eckes and Paul Dannenfelser

The UAP Fall Adjunct Forum was a great success, with adjuncts from across Philadelphia coming together to discuss issues, share stories, and envision a path forward.

Here’s a recap of many of the great moments that occurred throughout the day.


We’re Cooking!

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We’ll be out in the backyard of our UAP office on Wednesday, July 16th for the first-ever United Academics of Philadelphia cookout! If you’re a new member or someone interested in learning more about UAP’s work in higher education, come join us for food and drink and meet fellow academics from across the Philadelphia area. Feel free to bring friends, family and colleagues.

Please RSVP and join us from 4pm – 7pm on July 16th at 1215 N. 29th Street, just above Girard Avenue.

Through open public events, we build community and support for all Philadelphia faculty, with a focus on organizing contingent academics. In April we held our first Adjunct Symposium. Check out a re-cap of the event here.  In addition to formal events such as the symposium, we hold regular happy hours and gatherings to listen, learn and share.

What Can I Do? How Full Time Faculty can Help Adjuncts

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help wanted


Post by Jennie Shanker

Summer is here! Our three-month span off campus is called a vacation, and indeed many faculty members are able to travel, have time to focus on their scholarly work, and enjoy great freedom in their schedule. It’s important for teachers to have a break from the responsibilities and demands that accompany each school term. Without it, the research and creative endeavors of the faculty are diminished, ultimately affecting what they have to offer the institution and their students.

Certainly for those of us who teach on a part-time basis, there is no summer vacation. Read the rest of this entry »