Wrapping Up 2014

In Events, News, Philly Blog on December 31, 2014 at 12:35 am


The United Academics of Philadelphia (UAP) officially started its work in Philadelphia on November 20th, 2013 with an event in South Philadelphia, signing up its first members.

In the past 13 months, the union has brought together a substantial, growing number of adjuncts as members, creating a peer community than we’ve never had before, one that spans all academic disciplines. Adjuncts now have a place to talk to colleagues, seek resources and support, and share expertise. Contingent voices are speaking and are being heard. UAP members have presented at a national education conference and have been submitting stories, essays, artwork, and more here on the UAP blog. Anna Neighbor, a Philadelphia artist, adjunct, and union activist, went to the White House’s Summit on Working Families to discuss how current labor practices affect families.There are social events and regular union meetings held in the UAP’s Brewerytown office, and there have been two day-long public forums with speakers, panels and workshops to discuss issues.

What’s coming up in 2015? In January, a group of members who are artists will be exhibiting their work in the rotunda of the State Capital Building in Harrisburg, PA, to draw attention to adjunct issues.Temple University is buzzing with adjuncts who are working with the UAP. Just this month, organizers went to the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board with petitions that were signed by 60% of the school’s adjuncts who want to vote to unionize. Several other colleges and universities hope to initiate similar efforts. The UAP will eventually represent adjuncts at colleges within 30 miles of the city. With a potential community of 15,000 people, there will be significant collective bargaining power to make a difference for all faculty, and for our students.

With everything that has been accomplished in just over a year, everyone at the UAP is excited, and we’re looking forward to further growth, community and solidarity in 2015.